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A Taste of Sicily in Cambridge – A few months ago I spotted big posters in the window of a corner shop in Bene’t Street. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this was going to be a real treat for a foodie like me. I love good  Italian food, a good pizza and am a devoted Italian coffee drinker. Don’t get me started on the tipples as I will bore you to death about my love affair of the fine drinks of this part of the world.

Not long afterwards, I met up with Francesco and his brother in law Salvatore, who was just freshly ‘imported’ from Sicily. Salvatore was the creative man behind their award-winning shop in Sicily and they thought it was about time, that Cambridge should get their fair share of it. Absolutely right, Cambridge is calling out for a place like this.


Both Francesco and Salvatore are passionate about their food and culture. The only way they could create a copy of their award-winning shop in Sicily is to bring Sicily to Cambridge. Not just the food, the chef, but the machines too!

I have been following the progress of Aromi on Facebook and looking at all the tasty images coming across, I couldn’t wait to sample their delicious food. Everything is freshly made in the shop. Although tried and tested and proved to be successful in Sicily, they realise that the taste palate of the Cambridge crowd might be different.


Yesterday Aromi had a soft launch so they could test the machines, get feedback from the visitors and make adjustments either to the recipes or the process. Who better to join me for Sicilian food then a fellow foodie, who is renowned making delicious French cakes and from her homeland Cape Reunion. Corinne from Gourmandises. We were very excited as lunch was going to be a real treat! And it was…

aromi-francesco aromi-family-photos

What’s on the savoury menu?

Pizza slices with various toppings. One portion is 2 slices. You can mix and match too.

For the sweet rush…

Delicious homemade Sicilian profiteroles and other pastries.


What’s for breakfast

A nice selection of Sicilian delicacies, such as small round pizzas and the most fantastic brioche rolls I’ve ever tasted. Cipollina – brioche dough, tomato sauce, onions, cheese, ham and olive. This must be one of the best kickstarts of the day!

Secret recipe

The pizza dough is homemade and they lay it to rest for 3 days! It shows as the dough is light and crisp. Very moorish.

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How does it work?

It is counter service and the warm food will be served at the table.

Let’s have dust.

Yes really. I spotted a bag with green dust on one of the shelves. It’s pistachio dust. Perfect for making pastries and on pasta. The last sounds very intriguing…


What makes them unique?

Not just the authentic Sicilian food, but Canollies seem to have taken over Cambridge. I see them popping up everywhere. Aromi is the only place in Cambridge, which sells homemade ones. Warning: there is no way back!

What’s more to come.

Sicilian wine and pasta at the weekends.

Opening time

The official opening of Aromi will be on Sunday 28 April at 11 am. Aromi will be open from 9 am until 8 pm, seven days per week. They have applied to be open until 11 pm so perfect for a drink and snack after the theatre.

Take away

Do you refer to eat their food at home? They also do take away


Gerla de Boer

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