Cambridge Take Away review

No Kitchen – food out of a box

The worst time possible for a foodie is being ‘without’ a kitchen. Ok, fair enough.. it was my own choice to rip the kitchen out knowing I would suffer. I thought I was prepared by cooking more than needed over the last few months. The freezer was overflowing with my own cooked ready meals. I don’t hate ready meals, but I have had too many in my lifetime. Not that I don’t like cooking, but it used to be part of my job.

In the 90’s I worked for one of the major food retailers in the Netherlands. A kind of a cross between Marks & Spencers and Morrisons if you can imagine that. The KonMar Superstores were very good in fresh food and had their own proper bakeries in their stores and they were very good on the bottom line too. I headed up the Delicatessen/ready meals and fish departments. So responsible for the development and buying the product. These were very exciting times. Unfortunately due to mismanagement the company is no longer anymore.

Cambridge food tour - Aromi take away

So what to eat today. I didn’t fancy a take away as on Friday night it was bound to go wrong. Waiting for a long time didn’t appeal to me. I fancied Italian and apart from pizza’s, I have yet to find a proper takeaway Italian. So I decided to head off to Carluccio’s. Their Deli counter always looks amazing and I was really looking forward to selecting something nice from here. A huge disappointment overcame me when I arrived. It’s best described as empty. What happened there?

The only way to cheer me up was a good coffee fix and a nibble. There is no better place to go than to Aromi. After my espresso and almond biscuit, I decided it was time to go home. I was just about to walk out of the door when I spotted the lovely homemade lasagne. It wasn’t there when I ordered the coffee. Aromi made my day. I headed home with some lovely vegetarian lasagna, spinach and mushroom arancini. On my way cycling home, I picked up a good bottle of wine from Cambridge Wine Merchant Mill Road. My Friday evening was set!


p.s. the food was delicious!

Gerla de Boer

Gerla de Boer is the founder of the award-winning Cambridge Food Tour in Cambridge, UK. She is a globetrotter foodie and always keen to get under the skin of a city or country she visits. She likes to get off the beaten track to get to know the latest food, fine local produce, visit their local markets and check out the hot places to eat in town. These experiences she takes back to Cambridge to create amazing food tours and events. Connect with Gerla on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram