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Bagel man in Cambridge

A Bit Of Bricklane In Cambrigde

About the Cambridge Bagel and Baked Potato Van

Every time on my tours I pass this street vendor on the market I never had the chance to buy any of his goods as he only opens up at 11am. Good for a late breakfast, but not good for me before my tours as they start either at 10 or 11am. There is one consistency here, he’s always busy. He focusses only on two products, maybe that is the key of his success as he seems to have a lot of regulars.

Menu of the bagel van

About the food

Baked potatoes and bagels is what he sells. Not just the ordinary ones. They’re pretty amazing. You know if you have a good bagel if both sides are the same and it’s nice and firm. Not soft and flimsy as the ones you get in the supermarket. When I asked him where they came from, I wasn’t surprised at all, that they were so good. He get’s them from Bricklane in London. I am not sure if you have ever been, but you get some pretty amazing ones there. The queue in both shops are 24/7. Tried and tested on Walk Talk Eat food tour and highly recommended to hunt one down yourself.

I had the bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon. It came out of the oven and although it was quite a mouthful, I could have easily have had another ones as it was scrummy. And the price? Very reasonable for £ 2.50 each.

So for a late breakfast or lunch, this is definitely the place to go for a baked potato or a bagel. 


p.s. You can find the van in front of the Guidhall on the market square



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