Bangkok City review

A delicious comforting take away – Collapsing walls, waves of dust and the house is shaking, it’s a fact now. I’m official without a kitchen. Of course, it’s all very exciting as the result will be amazing. So what to eat if you don’t have a kitchen? I tend to have always a lot of leftovers so my freezer is always well stocked with delicious meals, but last night even finding my way through the freezers was a nightmare as the whole house is upside down. So a take away was the answer for our problem. We could have popped over the road for an Indian or a Chinese, but we fancied something different.

I scrolled down the list on the Just Eat website, but found it very difficult to decide what to choose. Especially as I am following the Dukan diet at the moment. A diet which is very fit for foodies like me as you can indulge in delicious food and some of their recipes are actually quite yummy.

Cambridge Food Tour Restaurants Bangkok City101

We decided to go for a Thai meal and as Bangkok City is one of my favourite Thai restaurants in Cambridge, the choice was made very quickly. Having visited Thailand a few times, I like my food hot and to be authentic. Their spicy salads are always delicious and it was certainly this time too. Although the food could have been slightly warmer and the delivery a little bit quicker, the Thai food was certainly up to standards. It was certainly a reminder, that I should visit Bangkok City in Green Street soon again.

More information about Bangkok City in Green Street you can find here.


Gerla de Boer

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