Beer and Food Matching At The Cambridge Brew House

A flight of beer and pork scratching – Foodie Cambridge is on a roll! I was just thinking, that it couldn’t get better with all the new openings and pop up restaurants when this exciting invitation of a beer and food matching at the Cambridge Brew House hit my inbox.

Beer and Food Matching At The Cambridge Brew House

Having just returned from one of the beer capitals of the world ‘Brugge’, the taste of great beers is still in mouth. I had some very interesting beer and food pairings here. My time in Brugge was definitely ‘Drink for Thought’ rather than ‘ Food for Thought’…. You can taste the results of my inspirations on my Cambridge Food Tour. Although there is a fixed pattern to my walking tours, I do like changes as the food scene in Cambridge is changing all the time. So I will pop into soon to open or new shops and restaurants and vary my tastings too. England is blessed with a lot of great Ales and food. One of the best places to go for a beer tasting is definitely Bacchanalia. The beer tasting is always one of the highlights of our tour and I can assure you, that you will be in for some surprises.

For locally brewed Ales, there is only one place to go in Cambridge, the Cambridge Brew House. Their Ales are brewed very locally, in King Street at their quirky pub. It is one of my favourite places to go for a good glass of wine or a local Ale.

On the 14th of May, I will be in for a great treat with a flight of beer and pork scratchings. I have to admit, that I have a great passion for these naughty bites. I will have to forget about my diet that night or go for a long run that day so I can indulge myself in these British snacks. Even better, we will learn how to make them from the pork scratching expert Rupert Ponsonby himself and their Head chef Christian!

Knowing the Cambridge Brew House, their beer and food, it will be a great evening out. If you’re keen to go too, you’d better hurry to get tickets as I am sure they will be sold out quickly. Just email or call the Cambridge Brew House on 01223 855185.





Gerla de Boer

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