Beer Festival At The Free Press

Beer Festival at the Free Press Pub – A Ccsy festival at a local gem. The Free Press has been a pub for over 120 years and seen many a change in the area. On the fireplace wall, you can look at a survey map from 1888 where you can see for yourself what is and what isn’t around. The pub got its name from when part of it was a printing press which circulated a free Cambridge newspaper. Unfortunately for them, it lasted one issue, but the name survived. The walls are adorned with front pages of old newspapers to commemorate this.

The Free Press Pub has been awarded the Cask Marque for outstanding cask beer quality. This award is independently inspected and is based on several different factors including the temperature of the beer, how it looks, the aroma and how it is served. It gives their customers the knowledge that they are serving a good quality cask bitter.

So come along to The Free Press and sample a pint for yourself – Cask Marque – The Sign of Great Pint or sample their great ales and lagers in the backyard at their beer festival at the Free Press.

The ‘Cask Marque’ is a sign that appears outside pubs guaranteeing that inside you will get a great pint of cask ale. You can find out here the best way to find Cask Marque pubs near to you, as well as the latest information about beer quality and what is happening in the industry.



Gerla de Boer

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