Belgium Waffles in Cambridge review


Straight From Liege…

One of the food stalls on the Cambridge Market I find difficult passing by is the Belgium Waffles stall. Just over a year ago, I saw a small stall popping up on the market. Initially business was slow, but it is now booming!

As the year went by, I noticed business was picking up. Then small tables arrived and now there are small benches in front of the stall. I would be surprised if Bernard, the owner, didn’t  pick up a business award for small entrepreneurs in Cambridge. He has been innovative and his waffles are fabulous.

I have to admit I haven’t told you the full story. I have a huge weakness for Dutch Poffertjes, which are small blinis type pancakes. Unfortunatley you cannot get them in Cambridge, but I did notice a variation on the ‘poffertjes’ on the Birmingham Christmas market. Poffertjes are small pancakes, served with icing sugar and a big dollop of butter. It’s delicious, well at least for a Dutchie!

In my search for a good photo of poffertjes, I came across this fantastic write up and images of this Dutch delicacy – read more about poffertjes on the Kitchen Butterfly . Whilst you are here, check out the page about ‘borrel hapjes’ too. It is very interesting!

Poffertjes and Powdered Sugar

I caught up with the ‘Waffle man’ as Bernard is known in Cambridge. I am not sure what triggered it, but after my order he addressed me in French. It might be one of his trade marks, but I noticed he doesn’t do it to all his customers. I am a linguist, so I loved it when he did that.

The waffles he sells are the typical ones from Liège. Just like in the Netherlands, they eat them plain or with sugar, butter and strawberries. In Cambridge he adapted it to the market and sells them even with fudge, nutella, ice cream and many more flavours.


A good thing to know is, that you can buy them cold. Take them home, then pop them into the toaster and add your flavours to them. It makes a perfect breakfast or an impressive dessert. You might want to try

1. bacon and maple sirup

2. strawberries with ice cream and pepper

3. cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives ( spice it up with chilly flakes)

Just a few suggestions with a twist, but there are many more reasons to get Bernard’s produce into your home!

Bon Appétit!



Gerla de Boer

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