Breakfast calories chart – review

Do You Know What’s On Your Plate? – Actually it’s not about breakfast in Cambridge this time, but about breakfasts in general. Do you know how many calories are on your plate when you start the day with a full English breakfast or a slice of toast? I didn’t either! Of course, we all know, that tucking into England’s favourite all-day meal is rich in calories, but did you know that some of the more healthy ones are just as bad?

Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket

Reality struck me when I was travelling to San Sebastian via Stansted Airport the other day. We decided to have breakfast at Weatherspoon as this was the only quiet place at the airport. My other half never has to check out the menu as his treat is the full monty. As a girl from the continent, this never has appealed to me. Not even to recover after a night out. On those occasions, I’ll go for a nice roll with matured cheese or cream cheese with Jalapeño peppers.

Whilst sipping my coffee, my amazement grew by the minute. Weatherspoon kindly has listed all the calories intake of all their breakfasts. I am not sure if it is off-putting or better. For me, it was definitely the first, but I was delighted that one of my favourites was actually the best choice for my waistline. Great! The extra calories I could have in the food mecca I was heading out to then and could tuck into my bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon without any guilty feelings.

Breakfast calories - Wheaterspoon

The Chart

The low down on your intake at breakfast – Breakfast calories as seen at Weatherspoon.

  • Large breakfast – 957 Cal
  • Traditional breakfast – 653 Cal
  • The American breakfast – 3005 Cal
  • Vegetarian breakfast – 717 Cal
  • Children’s breakfast – 496 Cal
  • Continental breakfast – 795 Cal
  • Eggs Benedict – 553 Cal
  • Eggs Royale – 563
  • Basket of pastries – 561 Cal
  • Bacon Butty – 633 Cal
  • Bagel with bacon, egg & cheddar cheese – 552 Cal
  • Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese & rocket 389 Cal
  • Bagel with butter and preserve – 447 Cal
  • Toast and preserve – 447 Cal
  • Moma! Porridge – 256 Cal
  • Yoghurt pot with crunchy honey Granola – 397 Cal
  • Yoghurt pot with strawberry & blueberry compote – 56 Cal
  • Yoghurt with tropical fruit salad – 30 Cal
  • Yoghurt with banana – 206 Cal
  • Yoghurt, sun-ripened apricots & cranberries with pumpkin and sunflower seeds – 185 Cal
  • Apple, pineapple and kiwi smoothie – 255 Cal
  • Blueberry and blackberry smoothie – 243 Cal
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice ( 12oz glass) – 125 Cal

Bon appétit!






Gerla de Boer

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