Browns Cambridge review

Revamped and it’s all British – Last week it was time to take my new teenage son out for his breakfast treat for his 16th birthday. Being the son of a foodie, he is hard to please. If it was up to him, he would have pancakes for breakfast all the time. The Dutch variety then. Although until recently it was hard to find in a pancake place in Cambridge, now we have CrepeAffaire. Not everybody wanted pancakes for breakfast so the revamped Browns was a good alternative. Previously they didn’t serve breakfast, although they were open at 10 am.

Browns Cambridge breakfast haddock rarebit

I was quite keen to find out what Browns would look like. At the moment it seems that all the chain restaurants are getting a facelift. I’m not sure why this is. I would love to think, that they want to look their best when ‘the world is landing’ on Cambridge on the 7th of July with the Tour de France.

The biggest change is the entrance. Browns have added a cupboard to shield off the door. It looks much better and will keep some of the drafts away and gives a bit more privacy to the diners. Much to my surprise, the walls didn’t get a lick of paint. For the rest, I cannot see what they have done. It might be me though. I don’t go here very often and when I do, it is for a drink in the bar or for a drink and a snack on the terrace as Cambridge doesn’t have very many options for Alfresco dining.

I have to say, it was a lovely and delicious breakfast. They certainly do what they say they do. “ It’s not just the food and drink we’re proud of at Browns. Wherever possible, everything is sourced or created in Britain. Cutlery, crockery, fabrics, chairs, you name it. We’ve combed the British Isles for the finest ingredients, dishes and produce available.”


Browns Cambridge breakfast full english breakfast two for one

With two up-growing teenagers on board, the full English breakfast was needed. A good deal too as you will get two for the price of one so £ 9 for two. I had rarebit with a twist; smoked haddock rarebit with spinach & honey mustard dressing. It was delicious! I did order some sourdough toast to mop up the delicious juices. The scrambled eggs with salmon on sourdough toast were just as good I was told.

When I scanned the menu I did see some interesting things I would definitely give a go; G & T afternoon tea and 18 hour cooked salt beef hash using heritage potatoes and topped with a fried egg. A substantial breakfast I would call the last one. Good for the morning after maybe or for a lunchtime dish too. The chestnut mushroom & chives on sourdough looked quite appealing too.

Full English Breakfast £ 9.00 ( two for one)

Scrambled eggs, Salmon on sourdough £ 7.00

Smoked haddock rarebit with spinach & mustard dressing £ 7.50

Check out their menu here

Browns Cambridge interior

Browns is definitely a good place to head off to for breakfast. Especially if you’re looking to explore Cambridge and starting at the Fitzwilliam Museum or if you want to come with a big crowd as there is space enough to have breakfast with a big bang.


p.s. the Bloody Mary was very moorish, even the Virgin version!

Gerla de Boer

Gerla de Boer is the founder of the award-winning Cambridge Food Tour in Cambridge, UK. She is a globetrotter foodie and always keen to get under the skin of a city or country she visits. She likes to get off the beaten track to get to know the latest food, fine local produce, visit their local markets and check out the hot places to eat in town. These experiences she takes back to Cambridge to create amazing food tours and events. Connect with Gerla on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram