Kick start your day with a Cau Brunch – review

Note: Cau is now closed.

Cau Brunch – A feast with a special deal! -More and more local restaurants are joining in the new trend of Brunch. This popular meal started off as the boozy Sunday morning posh breakfast and chill out in the USA, but it now has taken over weekdays too. Brunch is actually a combination of breakfast and lunch so served from 11 am to 3 pm. Perfect if you have been to the gym and need refuelling afterwards or meeting up with friends over a bite to eat or a working breakfast in the late morning.

Image of Cau Brunch avocado

Slowly over the years, Brunch has moved into breakfast time. It is now hip and trendy to call food served from 7 am Brunch too. It reflects the contemporary look of the food served early mornings. English breakfast tends to stand for a fry up and if you want a lighter version, toast and marmalade. As times are changing our palette is too! The increase in popularity of clean eating, vegetarian and vegan diets certainly boosted the demand for a new type of ‘English breakfast’.

Brunch can be anything from pancakes, a fry up, rainbow bowls, Dahl, hot sandwiches and poached eggs. Just a few examples though as the ever popular smashed avocado will almost always feature on the menu. The boozy part is a fun part of these meals, but often left out on weekdays as drinking on ‘school days’ in the morning is not a good idea!

Image of Cau Brunch eggs benedict

Breakfast is one of my favourite and most important meals of the day. It’s my heritage. It is in my genes, Dutch people hardly skip breakfast! What could be on my plate? Anything from Vietnamese Pho to Dahl or smashed avocado. My tipple? A spicy Bloody Mary. Of course, not on weekdays!

We were very pleased to be invited by Cau Restaurant Cambridge to sample their new Brunch menu. I am glad, Camilla could join me on my feast so we could sample almost every single item on their extensive Brunch menu. So what is on the Cau Brunch menu?

  • Three kinds of flatbreads
  • Three kinds of sweet potato pancakes
  • Coal roasted peaches with Granola
  • A good fry up with delicious morcilla black pudding
  • Avocado baked eggs
  • Eggs Benedict with Yerba-smoked beef and blue cheese hollandaise
  • Eggy bread
  • Cauflakes and yoghurt

Our favourites? The flatbread with Chorizo sausage, caramelised onion and mozzarella, the sweet potato pancakes with Goat’s cheese, rocket and sticky onions, coal roasted peaches with granola and yoghurt and the eggs Benedict with delicious Yerba-smoked beef and blue cheese hollandaise.

Image of Cau Brunch fry up

Planning to have Brunch in Cambridge? Cau Restaurant Cambridge would love to welcome you. In return, they are giving away a cocktail with your Brunch. So head over with a friend or your partner and get two cocktails for the price of one with Brunch. Offer valid until 1 July 2017.

Conditions: Print off this blog and show it when you settle your invoice.

  • Offer: La Mimosa cocktail only, to everyone at the table with print out of the blog and brunch must be ordered
  • Days: Monday to Friday only, no weekends

Happy eating!


p.s. The Cau Brunch menu is perfect for sharing too. Order smaller plates and enjoy a Tapas style meal.

Image of Cau Brunch vegetarian

Gerla de Boer

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