Chocolate Masterclasses

Chocolate is one of the great pleasures in life. In fact, dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health, there’s an even a better excuse to spoil yourself with a piece of chocolate every day! You now can discover how to make your own hand-crafted treats under the expert guidance of our chocolatiers on a Chocolate Masterclass. All our Chocolate Masterclasses are private events only. One of the best things about our Chocolate Masterclasses is, that you don’t need to be an expert to take part in them, but if you are, then we do have a perfect course for you too. On our Bean to Bar Masterclass, you will learn all the finer techniques of making chocolate from scratch.

Cambridge Food Tour Chocolate Masterclass 8 April 2017


Our hands-on Chocolate Masterclass is a fun way to learn about cocoa and chocolate. All our Chocolate Masterclasses finish with Freestyle. It is a fun way creating your own bar, flower or whatever you would like to make. Dust it with a bit of paint and sparkles and we can assure you, that you will steal the show at home showing off the amazing chocolates you have just created.

Cambridge Food Tour Chocolate Masterclass 8 April 2017


2 hours
Minimum of 15 guests or set price

Our 2-hour Chocolate Masterclass kicks off with a chocolate tasting of 3 chocolates created by our Chocolatier. Under her guidance, your group will learn everything there is to know about chocolate making, participate in making it themselves and then enjoy eating it. After this sweet indulgence, it is time to put your hand to creating truffles, painted chocolate or freestyle decorations.

The chocolatier will prepare the Truffles beforehand so you can have fun decorating them with exciting decorations such as glittering paint and stunning transfers. At the end of this Masterclass, you can let your creativity go wild and make exciting and stunning Freestyle chocolate.

  • The Masterclass starts with a tasting of 3 hand-made chocolates by the Chocolatier
  • We will finish with Freestyle chocolate making
  • You will be able to use transfers, decorations, and exciting paint
  • You will make truffles, paint chocolate and be creative and make your own Freestyle chocolate


Are you a chocoholic or looking for an exciting event for your team or party? We offer a wide range of Chocolate Experiences from Tasting Events, Chocolate Making, Painting Chocolate to Bean to Bar Experiences or Chocolate and Cocktail Masterclasses. These experiences are held in the historic centre of Cambridge but can be held at your preferred venue too.

Gerla de Boer

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