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Scrummy Sausage Rolls And More – It was another busy foodie day. This time not touring around Cambridge with guests, but in search of more exciting food experiences. It’s always fun creating these. There is always one common dominator; I like to push boundaries. Doing this with fellow foodies is always exciting. My first stop was a delicious chocolate tasting followed by some very tempting little shots at a well-known watering hole. It was a pity I still had to drive!

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There was still one foodie stop to go. One I couldn’t skip as I should have gone there before Christmas. By the time I arrived in this picturesque village, the evening sun had set. It made the whole scene even prettier. The church was lit up and the Country Kitchen in Haslingfield had become the focal point at the crossroads.


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I had heard a lot about the Country Kitchen, but I was surprised that it was so centrally located. It’s funny how you get a picture in your mind. I thought it was set at the edge of the village. Nothing was truer; it’s right in the centre of Haslingfield opposite the church.

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The concept of this farm shop is very interesting. Liz, who started the shop wanted to run it with more people and came up with the idea to make it into a cooperative. I think it’s an excellent idea. Haslingfield is right on the other side of town for me so unfortunately, I will not have the chance to shop here, although it’s very tempting. It was almost six o’clock so I was getting a bit peckish. The almonds and the cheddar with ginger were delicious. It wouldn’t be my first choice to tuck into cheddar flavoured with ginger, but it was really nice and crumbly and very morish.

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The Country Kitchen stocks some wonderful local produce from fresh flowers, vegetables, meat from Barker Bross Butchers, cakes from Gourmandises and stunning cards and very nice presents. I was lucky enough to get hold of 8 coconut bowls from here just before Christmas. With their bright colours, they make a very nice bowl for starters too.

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As I was about to leave, Shepard’s pie came out of the oven. One of Country Kitchens strong points is their homemade food. It varies from day to day and with the season. The Country Kitchen is definitely a great addition to the local scene, especially as Cambridge is about 10 minutes drive away. You can pick up your daily fare, but also indulge in food for those ‘naughty’ foodie moments and even order Inder’s Kitchens here.

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I am very pleased, that the Country Kitchen is the first location to sell the Cambridge Food Tour Vouchers.




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