Dining At St. Johns College review

Note October 2017: We don’t organise these Supper Clubs anymore. Please contact the St. Johns College directly.

Cambridge College Supper Club May – We couldn’t have wished for more from our last night’s Supper Club after the torrential rains of last week. All the ingrediënts were there for a unique dining experience at a secret location at one of the Cambridge Colleges; the scene, sun, delicious food and company.


Last night we were dining at St. John’s college in the Parson’s room. One of my favourite historic rooms in Cambridge. The room only can seat 16 guests and the table is always set with one of the most impressive table silver collections in Cambridge. The other striking features are the wonderful beams. Dining here is always a special experience, but last night it was even more exceptional as we had Prosecco and canapés in the courtyard.

















Our Supper Clubs are always held in the smaller historic rooms in the Cambridge Colleges as we like to create a dining experience, which resembles the intimate experience you have at home. Our guests are not only locals but come from all over the world. Dining with a small group gives you the opportunity to talk to all of the guests either during the apératif or during dinner. The conversations are just as colourful as the nationalities of our guests. It is an experience you very unlikely would get on an evening out in Cambridge.
















Many stories are told and go around about the food served at the Cambridge Colleges. Some of them are a huge misconception such as that the quality of the food at the colleges isn’t very good. This might have been so in the past, but these days the chef’s have become very competitive. Every year in October, they compete against each other in the Cambridge Chef Competition. Last year’s winner was Emmanual College and in 2011 it was Clare College.


Last night dining at St. Johns College was a classic example of this. The starter was a creation of East Anglian carrots. I have to admit when I saw the menu I raised my eyebrows. I was assured by the head of catering Bill Brogan, that it was very nice and that the fellows loved it very much the other day. Indeed, all the guests thought it was a stunning and delicious dish and a great topic of conversation afterwards as there were so many interesting flavours on the plate.

I hope I have wet your appetite for the Cambridge College Supper Club. Our next Supper Club is on 22 June. It will be the last one before we break up for the summer. Not completely though as we have decided to move from historic rooms to the stunning gardens of the colleges.

Looking forward to meeting you either at one of the Cambridge College Supper Clubs or High Tea in The Gardens.







Gerla de Boer

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