Discover the best bars and pubs in Cambridge.

Our favourite watering holes in Cambridge.

Curated by the award-winning Cambridge Food Tour, local foodies who like to share the best of Cambridge with you!


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Bar 196

Cambridge Food Tour Bar 196

Mill Road – CB1 3NF

  • Excellent cocktail bar
  • Small – only seats 20 guests
  • In summer outside seating
  • Sharing platters and cheese
  • Mingle with locals

Novi Cambridge

Cambridge Food Tour Novi

Regent Street – CB2 1DB

  • In historic centre
  • Botanical cocktails
  • Excellent food
  • New York style roof terrace
  • Venue over 3 floors

Hotel Du Vin

Cambridge Food Tour Hotel du vin

Trumpington Street – CB2 1QA

  • In historic centre
  • Cellar bar
  • Snugs to reserver for parties
  • High tea available in the bar
  • 5 min. from Kings Parade

Six at Varsity

Cambridge Food Tour Six varsity

Thompsons Lane – B5 8AQ

  • Roof terrace and Top floor bar
  • Stunning views of Cambridge
  • In Historic centre
  • Food available on roof terrace
  • Restaurant in the top floor bar

The Gonville Hotel

Cambridge Food Tour Gonville

Gonville Place – CB1 1LY

  • Close to Parkers Piece
  • In the historic centre
  • Dog friendly
  • Life music in the weekends
  • Check out Cotto Restaurant

The liquor loft at Stolen

Cambridge Food Tour D'arrys

King Street – CB1 1LN

  • In historic centre
  • Slightly off the beaten track
  • Quirky Liquor loft in old Brewery
  • Excellent small plate food
  • Terrace, restaurant and court yard


The Petersfield

Cambridge Food Tour Petersfield

Sturton Street – CB1 2QA

  • Excellent local pub
  • Mingle with locals + dog-friendly
  • Close to Mill Road
  • Seasonal menu
  • Off the beaten track

The Free Press Pub

cambridge food tour lunch jpeg

Prospect Row – CB1 1DU

  • One of the oldest Pubs
  • Best Scotch egg in town
  • Mingle with locals + dog-friendly
  • In historic centre
  • Slightly off the beaten track

The Clarendon Arms

Cambridge food tour Claredon Arms

Clarendon Street – CB1 1JX

  • Cosy pub with restaurant
  • Mix with locals + dog-friendly
  • Daily specials
  • In historic centre
  • Slightly off the beaten track

The Cambridge Brewhouse

Cambridge Food Tour Cambridge Brewhouse

King Street – CB1 1LH

  • Local pub with microbrewery
  • Mix with locals
  • Excellent pub food ( large portions)
  • In the historic centre
  • Slightly off the beaten track

The Punter Pub

Cambridge Food Tour The Punter Pub

Pound Hill – CB3 0AE

  • Stone throw away from the centre
  • Mix with locals + dog friendly
  • Courtyard terrace and big barn
  • Food from 12 to 3 pm and from 6 to 9 pm
  • Food from 12 to 10 Sat – till 9 pm Sunday

The Architect

Cambridge Food Tour The Architect

Castle Street – CB3 0AH

  • Design your own food
  • Excellent fish and chips
  • New owners
  • All day food
  • Terrace

The Waterman

Cambridge Food Tour Waterman

Bene’t Street – CB2 3QN

  • Most famous pub of Cambridge
  • Check out the RAF bar
  • Drink the DNA beer
  • All day food
  • Large terrace

The Eagle

Cambridge Food Tour the Eagle


  • One of the oldest Pubs
  • Check out the ceiling of the RAF bar
  • Drink the DNA beer
  • All day food
  • Courtyard terrace

The Champion of the Thames

Cambridge Food Tour Champion of the thames

King Street – CB1 1 LN

  • Excellent traditional pub
  • No food served
  • Pick up food from Urban Shed
  • Sunday Cheese & Biscuits
  • Open fire

The Pint Shop

cambridge food tour cheap eats pint shop.jpeg

Peas Hill – CB2 3PN

  • Best Craft Beer Pub
  • Over 62 Gins
  • Heated beer garden in the winter
  • All day food from midday
  • Open at 11 am on Saturday

The Old Bicycle Shop

Cambridge food tour old bicycle shop

Regent Street – CB2 1DP

  • Home brewed beer
  • Great cocktails
  • Excellent brunch
  • Small terrace at the back
  • All day food

The Flying Pig

Cambridge Food Tour The Flying pig

Hills Road – CB2 1LQ

  • A must do for a foodie – TripAdvisor
  • Explore Foodie Cambridge
  • Delicious food and drinks
  • Professional guides
  • Go off the beaten path

Mill Pond Pub

cambridge food tour cheap eats mill pond.jpeg

Mill Lane – CB2 1RX

  • At Mill Pond
  • Good start point for walk along the river
  • No beer garden – take away drinks
  • Food all day from 11.00 am to 10 pm
  • Open till midnight at weekends

The Old Spring

Cambrige Food Tour The Old spring

Ferry Path – CB4 1HB

  • Close to Midsummer Common
  • Popular local pub
  • Terrace
  • Food from 12-2.30 pm and 6-9.30 pm
  • Food from 12 – 9.30 weekends

The Burleigh Arms

Cambridge Food Tour The Burleigh Arms

Newmarket Road – CB5 8EG

  • Close to the Grafton Centre
  • Near to Midsummer Common
  • Beer garden
  • Food from 12-2.30 pm and 5-9 pm
  • Food from 12-9 pm weekend’s


Calverley’s Brewery

cambridge food tour craft beer cambridge

Hooper Street – CB4 2NZ

20 min from Kings College

  • funky Craft brewery
  • rotating street food
  • local hangout

Excellent Craft beer!

 Thirsty Beer Garden

cambridge food tour cheap eats thirsty riversides.jpeg

Mackays of Cambridge  –  CB1 1BY

20 min from Kings college

  • German beer garden
  • rotating street food 
  • local hangout

Fri eve + Sat +Sun

 The Pint Shop

cambridge food tour cheap eats thirsty pint shop.jpeg

Peas Hill – CB2 3PN

2 min from Kings College

  • Craft Beer Pub
  • Covered beer garden
  • local hangout

No deals – Go for Bar food

Thirsty Service

cambridge food tour cheap eats thirsty service.jpeg

Various locations

20 min from Kings College

  • pop-up in Churches
  • rotating street food
  • local hangout

Music too – check out FB


 Thirsty Cambridge

cambridge food tour cheap eats thirsty.jpeg

Chesterton Road- CB4 1EN

20 min from Kings College

  • funky wine merchant
  • rotating street food
  • local hangout

Shop and big back room

 CUC Winebar

cambridge food tour cheap eats cuc bar.jpeg

Mill Pond – CB2 1RU

10 min from Kings college

  • CWM & University bar
  • Tuesday-Sat evening
  • Music/Theatre 

In summer Street food

 CWM Cherry Hinton

Cambridge Food Tour CWM Cherry HInton

Cherry Hinton Road – CB1 7|BX

30 min from Kings College

  • Wine Merchant
  • Take away SmokeWork
  • local hangout

Check out their tastings!

 CWM Bridge Street

Cambrige Food Tour CWM Bridge Street

Bridge Street – CB2 1UJ

5 min from Kings College

  • Central Camb
  • cheese & meat
  • wine merchant

Check out the Scotch eggs!


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Gerla de Boer is the founder of the award-winning Cambridge Food Tour in Cambridge, UK. She is a globetrotter foodie and always keen to get under the skin of a city or country she visits. She likes to get off the beaten track to get to know the latest food, fine local produce, visit their local markets and check out the hot places to eat in town. These experiences she takes back to Cambridge to create amazing food tours and events.

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