Shanghai style food in Mill Road review

When we think of comfort food, warming stews spring to mind. In Asia it’s dumplings. We are very fortunate having many Chinese restaurants these days. They seem to pop up all over Cambridge, even on the market. Our latest addition is Noodles Plus on Mill Road. It’s not your regular type of noodle restaurant though.

Home made noodles

The other day I had a guest from Shanghai and a smile came to her face when we were passing Zonghua, which means flower. A bit later when we passed Noodle Plus, she started talking with full excitement: ” This food is from my city, Shanghai”. Noodles Plus has many pictures in the window of the food they serve. Two are very special according to her. On the left hand side you can spot a big dumpling, which looks almost like a Chelsea bun. “It’s a flower”, she said. On the right hand side you can see the most famous dumpling from Shanghai, the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao. This dumpling is filled with steaming stock and meat.

Noodles Plus in Cambridge

You eat the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao in a special way. You take a small bite of the dumpling and then very carefully you drink the stock out of the dumpling. Be careful as it is very hot! Then you dip the dumpling into the sauce and you eat the rest. It’s delicious!

home made steamed buns

Dong Huang and Hui Yan Li opened their Noodles Plus 4 weeks ago. They are not new to the local food scene though. Dong Huang was the chef at the very well known Chinese restaurant Peking. Prior to that he worked in 5* hotels in Shanghai.

Where do dumplings come from? It is said, that  one of the greatest practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhang Zhongjing, created these ‘tender ears’. He noticed, that during the winter time many of the Chinese population had frost bitten ears and decided to create comfort food in the shape of ears. However other theories claim the dumplings arrived in China via the Silk Road.

Shanghai style food at Noodles Plus in Cambridge, uk

Wherever dumplings come from, they are delicious and comforting indeed. Check out the dumplings from Shanghai at Noodles Plus. They are close to the Greek shop in Mill Road. I am sure you will love it.


Shanghai Xia Long Bao


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