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The Food And Art Trail In Cambridge

Salt sticks in a brick

One of the great things being out and about in Cambridge is that you come across some very interesting things. Yesterday for example after a meeting at Stickybeaks I was making my way to CB2 to check out the exhibition of the Chinese Artist Chen Xi, who designed the banner for the Cambridge College Supper Club when I noticed some activity in one of the shops in Kings Street. Previously it was occupied by a furniture shop, but it now has been taken over by artists, who exhibit their art.

Bricks with chocolate

I was drawn into by the magnificent painting below. Two artists were busy finishing it and explained to me that the person they were painting was Anji Man of Changing Spaces. I was amazed, because of the colours they used: she almost looked like a Native American.

Anji Main

A few steps away, I stumbled across some bricks. Well, these are the most delicious bricks I have ever come across. They used food waste. Amazing isn’t it!  I was a bit surprised as a chocoholic, that someone hadn’t finished the bar of chocolate…

Chinese Umbrella

There are some very interesting pieces on show. I spoke to another artist who filmed herself ironing and you can watch this on the cloth hanging from the ceiling. I will not give all the surprises away, but it’s definitely worth a visit. The opening of the exhibition is tonight from 5 to 8 pm at 6-16 Gallery in King Street.

2013-01-23 15.09.57

After delicious Art on to CB2 for Chinese Art. Xi had just finished putting the umbrella and other Art work up and I was lucky to catch up with her and with the vegan Chef of CB1.


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