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Cambridge food tour lunch tour price

Chelsea bun, Sicilian delicacies, street food, fudge, pastries, Scotch egg & more.
11.30am, 5 days a week Mon – Fri
3.5 hours (3 miles)

Taste Cambridge

Chelsea bun, Sicilian delicacies, Street food, Deli, Spanish Tapas, craft brewery and more.
11.30 am, every Saturday
4 hours (4 miles)

Gin Tour Cambridge

G&T, street food,  slow-cooked meat, sharing platter, Cocktail & Tacos, Gin tasting.
11.15am, once per month on a Saturday
3.5 hours (1 mile)

Craft beer tour Cambridge

Two breweries, beer shop, craft beer, delicious pub food and interesting pairings
11.30 am, once per month on a Saturday
4 hours (3 miles)

Cambridge Food Tour Hidden Cambridge price

Two small bakeries, delicatessen shop, Italian and Indian restaurant, dessert kitchen
10.45 am, once per month on a Saturday
4 hours (2 miles)

NEW! FOR-A-GIN Food Tour

Foraged food, botanicals and Gin in Cambridge and Granchester.
11.45 am, first tour on 30 November 2019
4 hours ( walk + drive)

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