The Garden Kitchen – review

A cup or a mug?- I have ‘borrowed’ this interesting phrase from the Garden Cafe’s website and it really sums up what their two places are all about. I was very excited when the news broke, that the Garden Café would open up shop in Mill Road. I’m a keen lover of fresh produce and especially interesting salads. I’m really sorry to keep going on about the lack of interesting salads in the food scene in Cambridge, but there is more than a sarnie or a pie!

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The team of the Garden Kitchen

The Garden Café has been going strong for quite a few years in the Botanical gardens and is now housed in a flash new building, but unfortunately, it’s only accessible if you’re  a visitor to the gardens. Their yummy food comes with a price tag, but no longer though! Since yesterday they are proud owners of a great shop in Mill Road.

The Garden Cafe in the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge

I think the concept of the Garden Kitchen is great. You will not find a lot of seating here. Just a few stools. The Garden Kitchen is aimed at passers-by or like me, people hunting down good food to take home. You can look forward to delicious cakes, interesting homemade salads, a variety of daily changing warm food such as curries, casseroles and pizzas. I had a bite-size taster of chocolate brownie and a taster bowl of giant couscous salad with oven roasted vegetables and feta. The salad was especially delicious.

Great selection of home made take away food

Great selection of homemade take away food

The buffet style offering is quick and handy. I can assure you, that they will be seeing quite a bit of me and not just for my own fix. Good food like this has to be shared. On our Cambridge Food Tour, I share the best of Cambridge food. I’m a great lover of street food and casual food too. So the Garden Kitchen is just what I’ve been looking for. A perfect addition to our Lunch with the Cambridge Food Tour!

Home made salads

So what about ‘a cup or a mug’? Anyone that has ordered a hot drink at The Garden Café at the Botanical gardens will know the question that always follows… “Would you like a cup or a mug?”

Some people prefer a traditional cup of tea to go with a delicious slice of Victoria sponge cake. Whereas others prefer a large mug of coffee and a piece of flapjack.

82 Mill Road is now the scene of delicious food

82 Mill Road is now the scene of delicious food

Which is better? The debate rages on, but one thing doesn’t need a debate; their new kid on the block. Just my kinda thing!


p.s. The Garden Kitchen is at 82 Mill Road. If you’re heading from town, walk down Regent Street, then turn left and cross Parkers Piece. Cross the road at the traffic lights towards the green. Once you have crossed Donkey’s green, you’re in Mill Road. You will find The Garden Kitchen just 5 minutes down the road on the right-hand side.

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