The Green Coffee Company review

Delicious treasures at a hidden city gem – I’m sure you will have passed this coffee shop many times housed in the Guildhall on Peas Hill.  Although the Green Coffee Company is slap bang in the city centre, a lot of locals probably don’t even know that it’s there. I use them a lot on my private tours as they sell some very interesting products, which in my opinion don’t get to see the daylight enough.

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About the food

The Green Coffee company not only prides themselves in choosing their coffee beans and roasting process with care, but they import a range of unusual Chinese teas too. You can choose from Chinese green leaf, Chrysanthemum, Rose petal, Blooming tea and Citrus fruit tea. I am sure you have heard of the first 5, but the last one Citrus fruit tea probably not.

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Citrus fruit tea is made of fermented citrus fruit and originates from Korea. Every family used to have their own recipe, but unfortunately, many traditions seem to disappear these days. So does this one.

Toasted panini £ 4.00

Black coffee £ 1.60

Interesting Chinese teas at the Green Coffee Company

Interesting Chinese teas at the Green Coffee Company

Why go?

The only place in Cambridge, which sells this exclusive range of Chinese teas, very friendly and food prepared with care.


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