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Where Food Meets Art – Brighton is done and dusted, the first leg of the tour of Hunt & Darton had to be in Cambridge coinciding with the very successful Eat Cambridge food festival building on their success in 2012. Two years ago they took over one of the empty shops in Regent street, but their pop-up cafe is now on one of the top locations in the city. Bridge street, but their pop-up cafe is now on one of the top locations in the city. Bridge Street is one of the places where many punting trips kick off.  The perfect spot for this vibrant pop-up café.

So 'many complaints' and still a big smile on her face. Something must be good!

So ‘many complaints’ and still smiling..


Unfortunately, I missed out on their launch last Friday as we were out on our first Afternoon T tour. Today was the first opportunity to head their direction for what must be ‘the best sarnie’ in town at the moment. I can confirm, it’s not just a rumour; their roast lunch sandwich is amazing. I am not a fan of roast dinners as I hate meat drenched in gravy and most of the time the vegetables are ‘swimming’ next to it too. I’m sure it must be a cultural thing as we don’t do roast dinners in the Netherlands.


Hunt Darton Collage 3

The rule of the day & crack a puzzle…

How to tackle ‘this monster’. Exactly.. At first glance, the thought comes to mind “how am I going to eat this without embarrassing myself”. When Darton proudly presented the roast dinner sandwich at my table, she asked; “ How are you going to eat it? Some people try to pick at it with a knife and a fork, but I think you should just squash it. So stand up, push the bread down and tuck in.”

Cambridge Food Hunt and darton115

The roast dinner sarnie

Wow, really. I know dreams come true sometimes. This was reliving my childhood. We, the Dutch, love layering our sandwiches with butter, chocolate sprinkles, peanut butter and jam. Then you put another slice of bread on top of it and squash it. The toppings will squeeze out from the side and that is the fun part. A fusion of flavours will hit your lips and you’re in heaven.

The personal attention of Hunt & Darton

The personal attention of Hunt & Darton

It was just like that. Hunt suggested cutting the sandwich in two halves before squashing it. So I did. By squashing the sandwich the delicious ingredients mix well and that is what you want. When you eat your way through your sandwich, you’ll detect every single item of a good Sunday lunch. The sweetness of the chips, savoury flavours of the bacon and the chicken, veggies and other delicious sweet juices. I have to admit it looks a bit piggy to eat such a huge sandwich. Will I be classified now as really piggy admitting, that sitting behind my desk I am craving for another one?

The scene at Hunt & Darton

The scene at Hunt & Darton


I better enjoy it as long as it lasts Hunt & Darton are only in town for a short while. They’ll be gone by the 31st of May and only open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm.

Hunt & Darton are the creators behind the delicious food with additions from local foodies such as The Afternoontease. They have become so popular that they had to employ a chef, who recreates their foodie ideas.

Hunt & Darton are visiting seven locations over the next two years with their Hunt & Darton cafe. The interactive performance/installation and fully functioning pop-up cafe has opened its doors to the lucky people of Cambridge as part of this year’s Eat Cambridge festival and supported by Cambridge Junction.

Guest waiters include Artists: Brian Lobel, Figs in Wigs, Clerke and Joy and Scottee.

Choose your music...

Choose your music…

Diary Hunt & Darton

Colchester – October 2014

Folkestone – February 2015

Manchester – March 2015

Harlow – June 2015

Peterborough – August/September 2015

Hunt & Darton is a perfect place for a spot of lunch, a sweet fix, breakfast, fresh mint tea, vinyl music and puzzle…. Don’t forget to ask for the complimentary 3-course menu if you visit with a group. Nothing to do with food, but all to do with art. Or should I say: “ Art on a trolley?”.


p.s. if you want to enjoy their famous roast sarnie, then there is no other way than getting your hands dirty!


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