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Delicious Fusion Of American & Korean Food

When I started my food tours about a year ago, I knew it was going to be fun as I love food and Cambridge. One thing I didn’t know was, that I was going to meet so many interesting people.  Running food tours I attract an array of interesting foodies too. From a local cooking teacher, ex-farm manager of Jimmy’s farm to chef’s and self-confessed foodies. Sometime ago I had a very interesting guest on my tours. Kyung ( Michelle ) Lim is from Korean descent, but grew up in the USA, but also lived in many other countries. She recently relocated to Cambridge with her husband, who works in the IT business.

Food Tour with Michelle

On our tours we walk, eat, drink and talk a lot. So I soon found out, that she just qualified as a pastry chef and was looking to share here cuisine and culinary skills.

Collage Korean Supper Club Jan14 2

I am keen follower of the London Foodie and on my bucket list is to attend one of Luiz’s pop  up restaurants, which are in big demand. Michelle has worked with him on one of his pop up restaurants.  Been bitten by the Supper Club bug, she was keen to run Korean Supper Club in Cambridge too. The first one was last Saturday.

Collage Korean Jan14 1

Over the last few months I have learnt a lot about her. She is bubbly, inspiring, creative and likes to think outside the box. Being a great lover of Asian food, I was very much looking forward to her Supper Club. Knowing her creative side, I wondered what she would have in stock.


Kyung gave us a small taster of what was to come a week before. It not only looked very tempting, but very interesting too. Korean cuisine influenced by her childhood favourites; Mac & cheese and sticky chicken. Yum! That was going to be ‘a finger licking’ evening again.

Korean Supper Club January - Cambridge Food Tour

If that wasn’t enough, the instructions for the evening were even better. I have to admit, that I did giggle reading them.

Couple of notes to keep in mind.

1. Wear lose clothing = more room for dessert. oOh! gotta love yoga pants. 😀

2. Kiss + hug with caution = garlic will ooze out of your pores.

3. BYO wine / beer, to better #2.

Korean Supper Club Jan14 4

I don’t think I have to say a lot more looking at the pictures on this page. It was delicious, adventurous and very moorish. I especially liked the bite size Kimchi Mac + Cheese and the Bibimbap.

I can’t wait for more. Maybe we get a fusion of Belgium and Korean food next time? Bringing the food of her other half into her creations? I wonder what that would like…































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