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Delicious Smoked Meat and Chorizo’s

The local food scene does surprise me from time to time. Like yesterday when I was touring around Cambridge with some guests from Horsham. My female guest is looking to take over a local coffee shop in her area so we concentrated on Cambridge Café’s and interesting Cambridge food, which could inspire her. So I thought; let’s pop over to the Belgium waffle man. Much to my surprise he wasn’t there, but we found on his spot ‘The Beauty and the beast‘ and a fantastic display of smoked meat, chorizo style sausages and bacon being run by Simone.

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Just like me, my guests had lived for some time in Southern Africa so this was a bit like a sweet shop for us. Biltong is very similar to the kind of meat Simone is selling and the lovely Simone insisted we should try as much as possible. So there we were eating our way through Lithuania from smoked wild boar to smoked venison, fried boar sausage and chorizo style sausages. I’m sure you aren’t surprised, that my guests left Cambridge not only with the lovely cakes, chocolates and other delicious food which we found on our travels, but Lithuanian sausages too.

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Did you know, that they have their own ‘sushi’ too in Lithuania? A piece of rye bread, a slice of bacon topped off with a slice  of raw onion. Presto! Washed down with vodka, you can’t have a better recipe for a pick me up on a cold day or any day for that matter!

Simone is on the market ‘with her boyfriend’ ( the hairy one to the left on the picture on the top) selling Lithuanian food on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursday.


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