Mill Road farmers market

A Farmers Market hits Mill Road – Ten years ago, there was a real boom of farmers markets. They were popping up in every neck of the woods, mainly in the countryside. The major cities of the UK were hardly touched. Was there no craving for local produce?


In Cambridge, we can be proud of our daily market in the city centre. From Monday to Saturday you can find a good selection of traders here. On Sunday the market square in the city centre is taken over by traders, who sell local produce or crafts. Much to my surprise apart from two good Farmers markets in the suburbs of Cambridge (Shelford and Impington), there are no more farmers markets in Cambridge. Although Cambridge isn’t as large a city as London, where you can find many farmers market dotted around the city, we have some great communities such as Mill Road, Chesterton and Cherry Hinton.

Farmers markets have many benefits; promoting local produce, bringing a community together and money to the area by visitors who will use local establishments and shops. Mill Road has a great farmers market every year on the first Saturday of the month during the Mill Road Winter Fair. An event, which I look forward to with great anticipation. Mill Road is not only buzzing with activity during this high day of the year but in my opinion the most vibrant street of Cambridge. Its multicultural community has put a great stamp on Mill Road and the areas around it. It’s lined with many fantastic restaurants and eateries, shops and foodie parlours for me; spice shops.

To add to all of this, Mill Road will have their own farmers market too. The first one will be on the 7 December 2013 on the day of Mill Road Winter Fair and what better than to coincide with ‘the small business day of the year’ to promote the first market and local shopping. There will be 4 markets per year, but I do hope, that there will be much more to come.



Gwydir Street car park opposite Hot Numbers

First one –  7 December 2013 ( organised by the Mill Road Winter fair)

Other dates to be announced.

Mill Road farmers market

More information

Keen to find out more or would you like to sell your products here? Contact the Mill Road coordinator Ceri Littlechild by email here and you can follow her on Twitter @MillRoadCo for the latest news about Mill Road.

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Early start and craving for breakfast?

Just across the road :

Hot Numbers

Five minutes walk towards the city centre:

Neides Deli

Café De Paris

CB1 internet Café (vegan)


Five minutes walk, just over the bridge:

Black Cat Café

Urban Larder

Café Otto

Café Coco Belle

Cornerstone café


As you can see there is a lot going on in the food scene in Cambridge. Unfortunately, I cannot share all of it with you quite yet, but more to come soon!





Gerla de Boer

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