Que Rico Tapas at the Free Press – review

Eating Tapas is a way of life – Last night was a busy night. How could I have forgotten about one of my favourite local foodies? It wasn’t a surprise actually with so much going on recently. So there I was, I double booked myself. I had a big corporate event and the Tapas Supper Club of Que Rico Tapas at the same time. Wednesday night was going to be a juggling evening. I finally got to the Free Press Pub at 9 pm and the dinner was coming to the end. I just made it for the dessert, but no panic. That is the beauty of Tapas, they should be readily available all the time.


Ajoarriero ( salted cod with tomato and red Peppers + Aragonesa Salad

Ajoarriero ( salted cod with tomato and red Peppers + Aragonesa Salad ( lettuce, tomato, cucumber, potato, olives and Serrano ham)


Tapas is a real social event in Spain. It’s the way to meet friends. Most of the houses are small in the Spanish cities so they have to go out to meet their friends. The Spanish hop from bar to bar and not just randomly. They know where their friends hang out as they tend to go to the bar, which serves their favourite Tapas. It is a misconception, that the best Tapas are displayed on the bar. These days, the finest ones you have to order. Of course, you can spot some excellent ones on display on the bars too, but don’t forget to check out the menu and try some of their specials if you’re down south.
White asparagus D.O. Navarra with vinaigrette and sour cream

White asparagus D.O. Navarra with vinaigrette and sour cream


So when I rolled in at 9 pm, I could eat my way through the delicious Tapas and chat to my fellow diners. At one point one of the dishes turned up before I had delved into the croquettes. That was not a problem as there isn’t really an order to eat Tapas. It is how you want to eat them. There was only one problem; I had to chain the croquettes on the table. Estefania had put them in pretty take away box to keep them safe for me, but my fellow diners were quite keen to eat them for me!
Saint's George lance cake and Aragon's fruits and tenderloin pork in grenache wine and red grapes

Saint’s George lance cake and Aragon’s fruits and tenderloin pork in grenache wine and red grapes

The meal was fantastic as ever. I don’t have to wait too long for my next Tapas fix though. Estefania from Que Rico Tapas will come to our house on Saturday night for a private dinner party. I will not share yet what she will dish up then, but I can’t wait to head home after a day of private tours.
Que Rico Collage 1
Estefania has decided to introduce a bit of Spain with Que Rico Tapas into Cambridge and I have to say, that I am delighted. Bank Holiday Sunday the 4th of May she have a small Aperitivo at the Free Press Pub. You can look forward to a glass of Vermouth and a selection of Tapas for £ 8. That sounds fantastic, isn’t it? It is probably not a surprise where you can find me that day!


p.s. and thanks to Craig from the Free Press for the excellent selection of Spanish wines.


Gerla de Boer

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