Que Rico Tapas review

Que Rico Tapas – The Haute Couture of Spanish Bites – I have been dying to share the website of Que Rico Tapas with you, but my lovely friend Estefania wanted it all spot on! Her delicious food was always there, but her internet presence not. From today I can announce that her presence is fully there

cambridge food tour tortillas que rico tapas

Yes indeed, her food is just as good as it looks like on her photo’s.  It has been tried and tested by me and my teenage kids. They loved her food and Estefania too ( and not just her looks).

If you like Spanish food or if you like tapas or just good food, she is the person to talk to for catering at home or for a private lunch or a business lunch. Or think bigger… A party in the big numbers. She loves it and you will not be disappointed.

For a taste of what Estefania will be offering, check out the website of Que Rico!




Gerla de Boer

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