Quirky toilets in Cambridge


Small and quirky – There is something about that ‘little room’, whether it is at home, in a restaurant or in a public area. It’s not a place out of choice, but a necessity.  At home, it’s in your comfort zone as ‘it is part of you’. It is a different piece of cake when you are in an unfamiliar place. I’m sure I am not the only person in the world, who is going here with a slight anxiety. Will it be crisp and clean? Will there be a queue? And where is the light switch as quite often this can be a journey in itself?

Stunning beauty at the Black Cat Cafe

These days toilets in public places, especially in hotels and restaurants are not only there to serve the purpose. They have become an attraction in itself. Bloggers and the press feature them often in their articles so these ‘little rooms’ have become all of a sudden the reason to visit rather than for the quality of the food or the hotel itself.

Sketch in London is one of these places. Their pod like toilets are a big hit with the Asian community. They arrive in large groups, put down their bags in the bar and rush down to the toilet to take a ‘snap’ of these pods. Unfortunately, the lovely and impeccably dressed toilet attendants, don’t want their photo’s to be taken. They are dressed in crisp black dresses with white aprons dusting the pods with a feathered duster.

sketch pod toilets


A new rage in China and Taiwan is toilet themed restaurants. Everything evolves around toilets. This new trend has now reached the USA too. Not my cup of tea I have to admit, but judge for yourself… Click here to watch the video.

loo restaurant


We, in Cambridge can be proud of our own toilet culture too!

Where to head off to for quirky toilets in Cambridge?


Get lost at Afternoontease Café looking for the right recipe…( closed in October 2017)

Cambridge quirky toilet afternoontease cafe


Learn everything about cats at the Black Cat Café….

Cambridge quirky toilets black cat cafe

The scene at the Black Cat Café changes on a regular basis so you might be in for a surprise when you visit.


At Bar 196 you can check up on the ‘golden oldies’.

Cambridge quirky toilets bar 196JPG


Interesting is the trend of no mirrors these days. Do I really look fine?

quirky toilet no mirror


Looking for inspiration or just a good giggle?

Click on the image below for the slide show.

quirky toilets



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