Salmon Cocoa Almond Crust recipe

cambridge food tour salmon cocoa crust recipe

A Warming Autumn Dish

James Bond loves Fish and Red Wine, but fish and chocolate? Is it a weird combination or actually very nice? For me chocolate goes to far, but cocoa is delicious with fish. It is a lovely warming recipe and perfect for this time of year. I love to serve it with a sweet potato curry and a pomegranate raita. If you like it less spicy, a creamy mash of parsnips is a perfect combination with the salmon cocoa almond crust.

Ingredients for 2

1 teaspoon of cocoa powder
2 tablespoons almonds, toasted and chopped
pinch of sea salt and freshly ground pepper
1/2 teaspoon of honey
Mix all the ingredients together until they blend

1/3 of pomegranate
100 ml of Greek yoghurt
1/2 teaspoon of ginger powder
1/2 teaspoon of chilli powder
Mix all the ingredients together until they blend, garnish with a bit of chilli powder and pomegranate

Sweet potato curry
30 ml groundnut or sunflower oil
1 white onion
400 gr. sweet potatoes, chopped into 5cm chunks
1/2 teaspoon of curry powder
1/2 teaspoon tumeric
150 gr. frozen spinach
25 gr. of ground almonds
1 or 2 small green chillies sliced thickly, depending on the heat you like
1 tin of coconut milk
juice of 1/2 lime

How to make it?

Start by making the curry first. Heat the oil in a wide heavy-based pan and fry the onion until soft. Add the sweet potato chunks, curry powder and turmeric. Stir until all ingredients are covered, but don’t burn it! Then add the chillies and the almonds. Stir and add the coconut milk. Leave it simmering for about 10 minutes, but don’t forget to stir regularly.

Normally I prefer to use fresh spinach, but for this dish I use frozen as it blends much nicer with the curry. Add the frozen spinach. The curry is ready when the spinach has melted into the curry.

Pre-heat the oven ( 180 degrees). Whilst you are preparing the curry you can make the raita and the salmon. Heat olive oil in a frying pan.  Season the salmon with pepper and salt, sear the salmon on the skin for about 5 minutes. Then put the salmon on a baking tray. Put the crust mixture on the salmon and push it slightly down. Turn on the grill and grill the salmon for about 3-4 minutes. Be careful not to burn the crust

Shopping list

The Sea Tree or Cambridge market

Spices and vegetables
Mill Road spice shops

Other ingredients
Mill road spice shops or supermarkets



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