Sharing Cheese With Caramelised Figs recipe

A Lunch or Dinner Time treat – I’m sure it is not a secret, that I love cheese in every shape or form – in a chocolate dessert, starter or for dessert. When I am out for dinner I normally tend to opt for the cheese board as I don’t have very much of a sweet tooth. Only for very fine chocolate such as from Chocolat Chocolat, you can tempt me with.

Cambridge Food Tour Sharing Cheese

This sharing cheese with caramelised figs is one of my favourites. It is very easy to make and works very well as a lunchtime dish or for after dinner. Although I am a huge cheese fan I do find that very often a cheese board hardly gets touched after a dinner party so a single cheese works very well. There are quite a few interesting ways to serve cheese after dinner. It is a very popular course in a Dutch or South African gourmet dinner. In these countries, it is served in the French way, which is the dessert and not, as in the UK, after.

There are two ways of serving this cheese. You can either serve it as it is on the picture or cut it in 4 or 6 slices and present it on individual plates.

For this recipe, you can use either an English Brie or as I have used a Flower Marie. It is a lovely cheese from East Sussex and is a square shaped sheep’s milk cheese made in individual and cut sizes. It is firm and fresh tasting when young developing more intense flavours as it softens with maturity.


2 figs
1 red onion
2 dessert spoons of brown sugar
1 dessertspoon of  melted butter
pepper and salt
a dash of port

How to make it

Cut up the fig in 6 slices, cut the onion in half and slice it. Put the butter in a small oven dish until it is very hot. Add the onions and the figs. When they start to go brown add the sugar and the port and season it. Shake it well. Once the figs and the onions are caramelised you can fill the cheese with the mixture.

Serve with nice crusty bread. Enjoy!






Gerla de Boer

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