Teastorks needs you – only 10 days to go

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Teastorks needs you - only 10 days to go

Teastorks – The New Nespresso?

These days we get overloaded with new products, some are re-inventions of older ones, others are products used in other countries but put into a new jacket and sometimes a completely new invention surfaces.

Teastorks is one of these products. I was browsing on the internet and noticed an article on Cambridge Edition last week about this great new product and it caught my eye straight away. What a good idea! I was keen to find out more.

Fair enough, certain new products might sound or look alien to us, such as over 25 years ago the introduction of ordering food online. Is that really so new? I’m of the age, that the baker and other tradesmen used to come to the door to sell or deliver their product. Ordering online is new, but home deliveries aren’t.

So is Teastorks a brand new idea? I would say yes. Before you press the comment button and remind me of the fact, that you can order tea online with other companies I have to stop you. Teastorks only is a premium brand of fresh delicious “loose quality’ tea in silky pyramid bags and taste completely different to the mass produced tea. Their unique selling point is, that they don’t a charge delivery fee and you don’t have to stay in as the box fits through the letterbox.

Just in case you can’t decide which flavour you like best, you can choose up to three varieties in each box, or let them surprise you.

Their love affair

They believe that good tea should be a daily affair so they’ve started a company to deliver great tea right to your door so that you never run out. Their fantastic tea box holds 15 silky pyramid bags of premium, ethically sourced whole-leaf tea to give you the fullest flavour possible – without the hassle of loose leaf.

With teastorks, you can place a standing order for weekly delivery, or you can treat a friend to a single box. It’s not just about delivering that soothing, uplifting, and healthful joy of a good cup, at teastorks we’re concerned with protecting the livelihoods and lands of the tea-growing communities around the world who we source from. For this reason, we work exclusively with suppliers that are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership. Their bags are biodegradable so they’re environmentally friendly too

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 Teastorks need you!

Getting a company off the ground takes time, money, and a passion. They’ve got the passion and they’ve made the time. Now they need the support of enough fellow tea enthusiasts to bring the wholesale cost down so that we can bring great tea to you at a remarkably reasonable price.




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If they raise £12,000 they’ll be able to:

  • Meet the minimum order of tea required to keep our prices down
  • Pay for the printing plates needed to make the special delivery boxes that enable free and always-guaranteed delivery
  • Put the deposit down on the development of an easy to use website and payment system for future orders

They have only 10 days left and they only need another £ 6,000. Come give them a push with a fiver or more. It’s such a great idea!

The Team

Teastorks needs you - only 10 days to go


tea storks





Come on give them a push so you can enjoy delicious tea delivered to your door!





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