Important update regarding the COVID-19

The last year has been an anxious time for not only the award-winning Cambridge Food Tour but for everyone and things are changing at a rapid pace.

When the news broke in January about the COVID-19, I was travelling through Singapore and Malaysia. We rapidly had to change the way we were travelling and eating out, but still enjoying the fantastic food scene there.

I would never have thought that this would spread so quickly worldwide. There will be tough times ahead and being a big supporter of the Cambridge food scene, I have stayed positive and hoped to be still offering our award-winning tours throughout this crisis.

We  had to stop touring again

With a heavy heart, I had to decide in March to suspend touring until further notice and decided to concentrate on my travel and food blog. I was delighted starting touring again on 1 September again following the government’s recommendations in a slightly different format. On 26 November we were told that Cambridge was going to be in Tier 2, which means that I will not be able to take you into venues. We are hoping that the tide will turn soon.

All food walking tours will be private tours only from now onwards with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 on Saturday and weekdays we operate the tours with a minimum of 2. Unfortunately, I work with a small team at the moment, so multiple tours on one day are not possible at the moment. We had to make a few changes in the itineraries due to the logistics at the venues. Don’t worry. The food and drink are still good, and the changes have made our tours even better!

Be the first to know when we start our tours again

Please click here for an alert when I start touring again.


At the moment we don’t sell vouchers. If you would like to surprise a friend or family member with a tour then instead of buying a voucher, you can book a tour. We only can change the date to their preferred date.

If you have a voucher expiring in December, then it is still valid to book a tour for 2021 before the expiry date.

cambridge food tour cocktail masterclass

Have fun on a Cocktail Masterclass

Our fun Masterclasses have been very popular for corporate events, hen parties and a group of friends. Unfortunately, due to the logistics, I will not be able to run these apart from a Cocktail Masterclass with a maximum of 6. These Cocktail Masterclasses don’t have to be a standalone event. It is a fun way of ending a food walking tour with a Cocktail Masterclass. We can tweak a tour or you can opt to add it to one of our listed Food Walking tours.


Working on exciting things

The award-winning Cambridge Food Tour will have a break from 1 December to 1 February. During this period I will be working on exciting plans for 2021. Until it is safe to operate larger groups again, I will only be offering private tours. Possibly until the end of 2021. In the past, the Cambridge Food Tour only operated private tours with a minimum of 10, so this is your chance to have a food tour created especially for you and your friends or family!

Although things are relaxing at the moment, I am still urging everyone to please take the maximum precaution possible at this time by practising what the health authorities globally are recommending – social distancing and staying at home as much as possible.

Cambridge Food Tour Mill Road Winter Fair Food Tour guests.jpeg

Food Walking tours are exciting

Over the last 8 years, we have seen the positive and lasting effect that can happen when different people from all over the world connect around food. This simple notion has been at the core of what we do at the Cambridge Food Tour since the very first days.

It is great to see that the Cambridge food scene has reinvented itself over the last few months. Most of the businesses do deliveries now, which has been made possible by the flexible support of the government. Don’t forget to keep an eye out on our social media channels, where we will be posting updates about the Cambridge food scene.

cambridge food tour quirky places

See you soon on one of our food walking tours

Take care of yourself, be kind and support your community. We will get through this together! If you haven’t done so, buy some seeds and start gardening either at home or your allotment. Don’t have one? Get in touch as there are available plots at various allotment sites in Cambridge.

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