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Note: We have decided not to run a vegan-only Food Walking Tour as we love to host mixed audiences.

When I started the Cambridge Food Tour almost 6 years ago, Vegetarian food was a rare find in Cambridge. It’s hard to believe that this was the case, as these days there is a good offering and is almost everywhere a fixed item on the menu!

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Catering for vegetarian guests on a standard Food Walking Tours was quite a challenge 5.5 years ago and we didn’t have many vegetarian guests joining us for our Food Tours. I did run once in a while a Vegetarian Food Tour, but there weren’t that many takers. I only can assume, that the understanding was, that the vegetarian food offering wouldn’t be very exciting. Quite a few of my vegetarian friends would opt for eating at home, rather than eating out in Cambridge.

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These days it is not a problem at all, either our tastings on our Food Tours are a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food or vegetarian. On all our Food Tours we try to accommodate all dietary requirements, but we do need to know at the time of booking as we order all our food and drink tastings on our Food Toursupfront. Unfortunately, it does happen quite often that we do not get notified, although we try to accommodate, it is not always possible.

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What about vegan food on our Food Tours? A year ago I looked into the vegan offering in Cambridge and I was surprised, by the lack or not very exciting alternatives. Hence, I decided to brand two of our Food Walking Tours ‘ vegan-friendly’.

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With the uprise of veganism, I decided to take stock again and I was pleasantly surprised by the good offering of vegan food in Cambridge. Apart from our Craft Beer Tour, all our Food Walking Tours are vegan-friendly. We do serve vegan craft beer on our Food Tours, but most of it is filtered with an animal product so not suitable for vegans.

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What is ‘vegan-friendly’? It means, that we can offer vegan alternatives for the tastings en route. We only feel comfortable doing this if the alternative is tasty and interesting. We work on high standard and all the alternatives should be just as good as the regular tastings.

Cambridge Food Tour Eat Cambridge 2018

But we thought this wasn’t enough! We have now decided to go one step further. We will run twice per year, or more if there is interest, a Vegan Food Walking Tour. On this tour, we will showcase the best of vegan food in Cambridge. Exclusive tastings, some of them specially created for the Cambridge Food Tour, interesting and unexcepted and off the beaten track places will be part of our ‘Vegan Excellence Cambridge Food Tour’. When will we kick off? We first want to get Eat Cambridge out of the way and then we will start with ‘Summer in the city’ in June to give you a taste of the delicious vegan summer food in Cambridge. Of course, a refreshing Botanical cocktail will not be missed on this! Later in the year in September, we want to share all the great party food with you so you know where to head off with your friends to celebrate the festive season!

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And what about a Private Vegan Food Tour? Of course, we can organise this! We specialise in bespoke and I would love to create an exciting Food Walking Tour for you. We can cater for vegan only or a mix, it is not a problem at all. Our Private Food Walking Tours are perfect for celebrations, hen or stag parties, corporate, end of year get-togethers or just an excuse to get a group of friends together!

What about the local food scene? What is new and what is unexpected?


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Food Walking Tours for vegans

The Cambridge Food Tour is very excited to announce the launch of Vegan Food Walking Tours in Cambridge. To start off we will run them twice per year in June and in September. The Vegan Excellence Cambridge Food Walking tours are perfect if you want to discover the best vegan food in Cambridge or if you want to a fun day out in Cambridge!

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Naan Bread

I was invited the other day on the Vegan night at Prana Restaurant in Mill Road, something they will do on a regular basis. One of the most pleasant surprises was their Vegan Naan Bread. I wouldn’t have guessed! To be honest, I probably prefer it to the traditional one as it is much lighter. The pineapple starter looked very interesting and the other dishes we had were very nice too. They are working on more dishes so keep going back.

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Spanish Tapas

The Tapas boom has now hit Cambridge too. The Spanish love their vegetables and their interesting use of spices, especially the smoked paprika, gives it a nice kick! My favourites at Tabanco are the cauliflower, The Ajo Blanco ( soup)and the Padron peppers. Tu Casa Tapas in Mill Road will open soon. I have been told, that they will quite a few vegan dishes so watch this space.

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I love pizzas and so much that I have now a pizza oven at home and make my own. There are many good pizza cafes or street food alternatives in Cambridge. Pizza should be vegan as you only use flour, salt, water, olive oil and sugar or molasses. Our favourite vegan topping is the one from Aromi made with tomato sauce and aubergine. It is called Caponata.

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Last summer I joined the Doppleganger supper club in Cambridge. This protein vegan burger could fool any carnivore. Highly recommended and available on Deliveroo or Bar 2648 in Trinity street.

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Innovative Indian food

Having visited Indian many times, I am hard to please when it comes to Indian food. It needs to have the right heat, which shouldn’t be confused with hot spicy food. The heat in Indian food is the right mix of spices, which gives you that warming feeling with a kick. One of the most innovative Indian dishes I have had in Cambridge was at Navadhanya, a chickpea timbale. It is served cold and traditionally served with yoghurt, but they can replace this with an alternative. Just like their sister restaurant The Tiffin Truck, they have a nice selection of vegan food. ( image of the non-vegan version)

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Tacos and white Negroni

We love Tacos, they are perfect for sharing and the perfect partner for a glass of white Negroni. Novi Cambridge has a good selection of vegan food, but the Tacos definitely top our list!

Tasting menu

Now you can enjoy posh vegan food too. Alimentum and Midsummer house already catered for vegetarians, but this can be easily adapted to vegan. The new kid in town, Restaurant 22 does a tasting menu too! We attended the launch on 21 March and we very impressed with the food!

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If you haven’t been, check out Dulcedo. They create amazing chocolates and dessert but have some hearty dishes such as soup and sandwiches too. Keen to have a vegan dessert, give them a call, then they make some posh dessert to have in or take out. They do need notice and minimum numbers apply. ( Image of non-vegan dessert)

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Street food

There is so much good vegan food on the local market, where do I start? Falafels, Arepas, vegan soup, a plant-based food stall are just a few to mention. Head over to the market as the food scene is booming over here.

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Vegan restaurant and cafe

The only plant-based restaurants in Cambridge. Stem + Glory cafe in King Street is open from early morning till 6 pm and their restaurant in Chesterton Road is open for lunch and dinner. Check out their fine dining evenings.

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Pub grub

One of our favourite stops on our Food Walking Tours. This tiny quaint pub, which was the first one in the country to ban smoking is right in the city centre, but slightly off the beaten track. The Free Press Pub is known for their incredible good Scotch egg and now they have decided to run a Gluten Free menu and feature various delicious vegan options too. Especially their curries are really popular.

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Funky cafe

This bicycle cafe has been a popular spot for since the day of opening in 2015. Healthy wholesome food always has been on the menu at the Espresso Library and since 1.5 years a good selection of vegan food and cakes!

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Happy eating!




Gerla de Boer

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