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 Delicious Foodie reads – A few days ago I shared with you the cookbooks of Cambridge. These books were published not so long ago, but with the rich food history of the Cambridge Colleges, there are some really interesting old publications around too.


One of Cambridge’s food institutions, Fitzbillies is worth visiting this time of the year. Not only for their Chelsea bun, Duke of Cambridge and other delicious treats, but also for their great British food on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. In this Cambridge Foodie institution, you can find more treats for Foodies…When you walk through the door at Fitzbillies most visitors head off straight away to the pastry counter and spend a long time admiring the delicious ware in the counter. If they would take some time to inspect the other side of the shop, they would stumble across some fantastic bread, Christmas puddings, marmalade and food for the mind!

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Food for the mind

Fitzbillies stocks 2 books. One is The Kitchen Revolution by Rosie Sykes, who used to head up the kitchen here, Polly Russell and Zoe Heron and the other one is Fire & Knives of which Tim Hayward is the editor and one of the owners of Fitzbillies.


The Kitchen Revolution

A great cookbook, which should be on every busy Chefs shelf.  You can maximise your meals with minimum time in the kitchen. Yes, I hear you thinking; Jamie Oliver has 30 minutes and  15 minutes meals, but are they really 30 and 15 minutes? I am a pretty experienced chef, but I haven’t managed to do them in that timescale.

The Kitchen Revolution is the ‘back to basics’ approach, minimising waste through thoughtful shopping and a little preparation. So no wasted food anymore! Did you know that around a third of the food produced in the UK for human consumption ends up in the bin? Can you imagine how much money is wasted every time? By buying this book you will end up saving money and spoil yourself with a nice Foodie treat.

The Kitchen Revolution is all about home cooking using fresh, seasonal produce, with weekly planners, recipes and shopping lists that will enable you to maximise the weekly shop for you and the family. Have a look at their website, which is full of suggestions.


Fire & Knives

When you go to the website of Fire & Knives it says ‘New writing for food lovers’. This is just what it is. It is a great read, interesting and funny. Real life Foodie stories or maybe a few made up? Whatever, it is a book every Foodie should have on the shelf or actually on the coffee table as such a fantastic read should be shared with more.

And the best thing? You can subscribe to it and you will get this treat 4 times per year!

Fire and Knives, £32 for an annual subscription (4 issues)

I loved the story about the bacon and chocolate bikini, but I am not sure if I would get the timings right through to surprise my partner!

Are you looking for a nice foodie present? Then the books of Fitzbillies definitely will not disappoint.






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