The boom of the Supper clubs

Update October 2017: these Supperclubs are no longer running – some restaurants organise Supper Clubs these days.

2014 is only a few weeks old, but by the look of it, it will be the year of the Pop-up restaurants. Where do they come from and why are they so popular? Pop-up restaurants have been popular since the 2000s in Britain and Australia but they are definitely not a new food trend. Pop-up restaurants have been around in the United States and Cuba for quite some time.

Pop up restaurants are almost like street food, they pop up all over the place. Quite often they are run by young professionals, who want to show off their skills and experiment before they decide to open a restaurant themselves. Then you have the other group; the self-confessed foodies. Keen to cook up a meal for fellow foodies, they open up their homes, seek out unusual locations or take over restaurants. In Cambridge, you can find a good mix of these two groups. I personally think these pop-up restaurants are fuelled by people wanting different and more exciting dining experiences. So should we conclude then, that the local restaurant scene isn’t exciting enough or maybe there is still room for expansion?

Cambridge Food Tour Portuguese Pop up Jan14128

After last night’s visit to All Bar One, I can certainly conclude, that Cambridge has moved on. When I came to Cambridge in 2002, this was one of the exciting places to go for a bite to eat. It’s still a good place to go for a drink though, but the food scene has moved on and local foodies are definitely looking for different dining experiences. 

2014 started with a bang in local Supper Clubland with at least 7 Supper Clubs in January. Very often people ask me ‘how do I find out about them?’ My advice is to follow them on Twitter or on Facebook or follow the Cambridge Food Tour on either on them as we will keep you in the loop for new ones.

Stella's grazing table

Stella’s grazing table

Supper Clubs in Cambridge

Sunday Supper Club

It’s the talk of the town. The Club offers you the chance to become a food critic for the evening by providing feedback on exciting new dishes prepared in the  1 Michelin star Alimentum Kitchen. You will also be able to provide a score for each dish

More information on the website of Alimentum Restaurant 

Cambridge College Supper Club

Always dreamt of sipping champagne in the courtyard of one of the oldest colleges in the world? A place where famous inventors and world leaders used to dine? The exclusivity of dining at the Cambridge Colleges lies in it’s surrounding. A historic room at one of the Cambridge Colleges, elegantly set, candle-lit tables, enjoying wines from historic wine collections and sampling gourmet food in areas normally off limits to the public.

The Cambridge Food Tour unfortunately no longer arranges private dinners in the colleges.

More information on our website 


Urban Streetkings slow cooked pork bun

Urban Street Kings

The Urban Street kings are the team behind the Three Horse Shoes in Madingley in Madingley. They specialise in delicious food from the East, mainly Vietnamese. You can except a variety of Vietnamese food with a kick, either from their van at festivals of at Pop up restaurants at various locations in Cambridge.

More information via Twitter @food_urbansk


The Clandestine Supper Club

The Clandestine Supper Club is an underground dining experience. A cook, a butcher, a wine guy and a waitress go from house to house using your kitchen with all of your fancy stuff to create an evening you and your favourite people will never forget.

More information on their Facebook page

winter gathering menu

A Mesa – Portuguese Supper Club

Stella is an accomplished artist, but her baking is equally impressive. She looks at food through the eyes of an artist, but with the taste buds of a foodie. She recently started a Portuguese Supper Club. You can expect intimate dinners with an incredible attention to detail.


The Platelickers Supper Club

Run by the team behind Afternoontease Cafe. Each event has a different theme, which we share, but the location and the menu are kept a secret until the last minute. The evenings usually start at 7.30pm with canapes and a welcome drink before sitting down to a 4/5 course meal with BYO.

More information on their website.

Creole collage 2

The Creole Supper Club

Corinne’s pop up restaurant all started in a shop, a lovely farm shop in Haslingfield ‘Country kitchen‘, where she sells her delicious patisserie and since December her Macarons too. One day she was delivering her goods when somebody stopped her and said You need to cook for me’. As you can imagine, Corinne was completely taken by surprise. They started chatting and from one came the other. This Creole pop up restaurant has inspired to do more events like this. She is the owner and founder of Gourmandises.

More information on her website. 


Sticky Beaks Supper Club

This lovely café in the historic centre of Cambridge holds once in a while special events and Supper Clubs too.

More information on their Facebook page.


Que Rico Tapas Supper Club

¡Qué rico! Tapas is a novel way for you to find out about the wide variety of dishes and flavours offered by Spanish food, including the famous “tapas”. Based in Cambridge (UK), our services, including our “chef at home”, catering and teaching, are flexible and designed to meet your requirements. Estefania the face behind this new concept is now running Supper Clubs too.

More information on her website.

Olive & Pea

This is a story of foodie meets foodie. One Spanish. One English. Both shared an obsession with making, sharing and eating good food, and from there the olive and the pea supper club was born. They will be sharing their love of good food, drink and cheer through pop up supper clubs in and around Cambridge.

More information on their website.

Delish Dining

Delicious Dining is offering a chance to partake in sumptuous feasts with a medieval/Renaissance slant. This truly secret supper club will appeal to those who focus is on good quality, rich, robust and sumptuous food full of wonderful and exotic flavours and is not for the faint-hearted. The menu and location will be posted closer to the date of the feasts. It will pay to book you ticket well in advance to be assured of a place. Once you have purchased your ticket, you will be given a password in lieu of a paper ticket and you must remember to give us this when you arrive at the event. Our events are all BYO but we are happy to give recommendations on wine suitable for drinking at our feasts.

More information on their Facebook.

First Rule Supper Club

Hidden behind the walls of just another Victorian terrace house in Cambridge, there are plans afoot. Plans borne out of a love of good food, good wine and, above all, good company. The First Rule Supper Club was appropriately conceived at a dinner party given by one of your two future hosts, Pascale Bozzi, attended by the other, Adam Byrne.

More information on their Facebook.


Korean Supper Club

Founded by Kyung (Michelle) Lim. She was born in Seoul, South Korea … in the not-so-distant past. Since then, she has lived in 6 countries in the last 20+ years. She grew up in Buenos Aires and later moved to California, where She spent her youth in Los Angeles.

After working in the Fashion industry for a few years,  she decided to follow my passion and moved with her husband to Cambridge.

More information on her website

Franglais Supper Club

Pierre and Nazima host a Supper club in Cambridge. Their Fusion menu will be themed and involve seasonal, locally sourced and organic produce.  You can be sure that you will enjoy lovely food inspired by the French and Asian cuisine in a great atmosphere.

More information on their website.

cambridge food tour free press burgers

Steak & Honour + Jack Gelato Popup

Leo from Steak & Honour and Jack from Jack Gelato are without a doubt one of the most illustrious foodies in Cambridge. By day they’re roaming the streets of Cambridge selling their delicious goods and by night they quite often pop up in local restaurants. Leo’s trademark is amazing hamburgers and Jack’s is the best ice-cream in town, which you also can source at some local shops.

Keen to find out where they will be popping up?

Follow them on Twitter


Jack Gelato

Saucepan and a suitcase Supper Club

The most secret Supper club of Cambridge; by invitation only. Francesca is a food development lawyer by profession, photographer and writer by inclination with a special interest in food and travel which she cultivates thanks to her work. With an Italian heart, roots in Tuscany and an adopted home in England and Scotland, she travelled the world to share flavours, colours and smells with you and explore local and traditional foods.

More information on her website.

Have a peek through the door.

I will keep you posted when more Supper Clubs will pop up!



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