The Red Lion In Grantchester review

A swanky makeover – Grantchester is one of my favourite destinations just outside of Cambridge. I love to walk from the centre of town through the meadows to one of the Pubs. There is always something to see and the views are stunning. This lovely quaint village has a lot going for it. I love ‘peeping around the back’ and take a look at the lovely black horse on the island.  The island and the horse are owned by Lord Archer, who lives nearby. The statue is amazing and the way it looks over the woodlands is fascinating. In the springtime, it stands amongst the high grass, but the other day it got wet feet as the island was flooded. Although it is not a Frisian horse, it reminds me very much of one end of ‘home sweet home’ in Friesland.


Grantchester is very fortunate having 4 good pubs and a lovely tea garden. So no lack of choice here on a beautiful day. Although my favourite haunt is the cosy Green Man, when I first came to the UK, the Red Lion was a great favourite as it has a great playing area for the children. As the children grew up I hadn’t been there for some time so I missed the recent changes until somebody told me about their recent swanky facelift.


A few weeks ago, it was time to check the Red Lion in Grantchester out me. The facelift is impressive! There is not a lot left from the original Red Lion with the building changing colour from red to white. Much nicer in my opinion. It isn’t until you walk through the back gardens into the Red Lion when you see the big change. With their contemporary chic interior and garden design, they hit the nail right on the head. With the eclectic choice of colours, a glass-encased private dining room and a new British menu make it good pub to meet up with friends and family.

The menu had a facelift too so you now can find popular dishes as ‘British tapas’ on there too. We really enjoyed the tapas, especially the thinly cut pork scratching and the black pudding Scotch egg, which was made with a poached egg.

If you don’t fancy walking, the perfect way to arrive is by a chauffeured punt. Imagine sipping a glass of bubbly or Pimms whilst you drift along the river making your way to Grantchester. There couldn’t be a better start off your Sunday lunch or evening out in Grantchester!


Gerla de Boer

Gerla de Boer is the founder of the award-winning Cambridge Food Tour in Cambridge, UK. She is a globetrotter foodie and always keen to get under the skin of a city or country she visits. She likes to get off the beaten track to get to know the latest food, fine local produce, visit their local markets and check out the hot places to eat in town. These experiences she takes back to Cambridge to create amazing food tours and events. Connect with Gerla on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram