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All You Need To Know About the 7th Of July – Cambridge is gearing up for the biggest cycle race in the world coming to town. With only 5 weeks to go, the city is making itself up for this major events. We’re expecting huge numbers of visitors not only to visit on the day itself of Tour de France but the week and days leading up to it too. Cambridge is a stunning old university town and the historic town centre only can be visited on foot. Although in some streets cars are allowed, we do not recommend it. The best way to explore the city is by foot and by a punt on the river.



Be aware!

It will be very busy in Cambridge so if you’re keen to eat in a certain restaurant, I advise to book asap. Although the Cambridge food scene is booming, the restaurants will be packed. If you like a quieter scene, then head off to Gwydir Street, Mill Road, Newmarket road and further afield Grantchester.

On the 7th of July, it will be too busy to show you Cambridge through the eyes of a foodie. There will be no food tours that day, but rest assure; we will be running tours on Sunday instead and of course on the days beforehand!

Historic sites Collage

10 Historic highlights not to be missed

1. Kings College Chapel

2. The Mathematical bridge in Queens College

3. The gatehouse to Trinity College ( statue of King Henry VIII)

4. View of the river from Garett Hostel Lane ( watch the punters on the river, stunning view of Clare Fellows gardens, Clare bridge, Trinity hall and gardens)

5. Magdalene bridge ( view over the river and Magdalene College gardens)

6. The Eagle Pub, one of the oldest pubs in the UK with the RAF room

7. Corpus Christi Clock on the corner of King’s Parade and Benett’ Street

8. College gardens ( some are open to the public)

9. Walk to the back to get amazing views of Kings College

10. The Anchor Pub, which used to be the hangout of Pink Floyd

chelsea bun

5 Food shops you shouldn’t miss

1. Fitzbillies, famed for their Chelsea bun

2. Aromi, Sicilian delicacies ( 1 in Benett’s street and the other one on Peas Hill)

3. Chocolat Chocolat for the best chocolates in town

4. The Cambridge Cheese Company for a huge selection of cheese and the best pies

5. Norfolk Street Bakery, slightly off the beaten track in Norfolk street, but worth it. Closed on Sunday and closes on Saturday at 2 pm. Must have here is Pastel del Natta and Portuguese fish cakes

CFT-Lunch tour - Scotch egg

5 Pubs to hang out

1. The Eagle in Benett’ street for the DNA beer and the RAF room

2. The Pint shop on Peas hill for a selection of 50 gins and a very good local and international beer selection and their slow roasted food.

3. The Champion on the Thames in King Street, traditional pub ( not food served)

4. The Free Press Pub on Prospect Row for the best Scotch egg in town

5. The Cambridge Blue in Gwydir street for one of the largest selections of international and local beers. They have a huge beer garden too.


 5 Streets easy to miss, but a must visit

1. King Street, you can find our only brewhouse here, quaint cafés and very good local shops.

2. Mill Road, the Brick lane of Cambridge. A street lined with spice shops, local eateries and right at the bottom end you’ll find the best fish and chip and cocktail bar in town ( Bar 196 and the Sea Tree)

3. Norfolk Street, nice cafés, local eateries and good foodie shops

4. The bottom end of Regent Street, many visitors stop at the Pizza Hut. Keep going and you’ll find an array of restaurants.

5. Mill Pond, although right slap bang in the city centre, often missed by visitors. Great pubs, grab a punt or sit down with a pint on the grass and watch the punters go by


5 Ways to explore Cambridge

1. Historic guided tour

2. By bike

3. By punt

4. Sketch your way through Cambridge

5. Explore through the eyes of a foodie on a food tour

cambridge food tour midsummer house crab avocado

Cambridge Food Scene

1. Michelin Star restaurants

2. Best cheap eats

3. Street food Friday

4. Breakfast in Cambridge

5. Some of our favourites restaurants


More information about the Tour de France in Cambridge

For updates about travel and route, click here


p.s. don’t forget to stroll down to Midsummer common to greet our local cattle, which can be found on all the commons.









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