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When I was a kid Cambridge

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‘When I Was A Kid’ Christmas seemed to be more magical, we had ‘real’ toys and believed Santa was coming down the chimney to spoil us rotten…….

Sometimes I wish I still was a child. Just like the other day when I spotted a new gem in town. The award winning shop ‘When I Was A Kid’ opened the doors of their second shop in Trinity street last week. It is not difficult to miss as their fun and stunning toys would attract anybody’s attention. The story behind ‘When I Was A Kid’ is even more amazing and so true! I am very lucky to have roots in the Netherlands so I always could shop in places like this.

When I was a Kid Toy shop

Who is Paul and what made him open this fun toy shop?

Paul Warner, who is a father to two lovely girls realised after a soul-destroying family trip to one of the monster Toys R Us stores, a terrible thing had happened; modern toys had lost their magic, the sparkle had simply gone, vanished

And so the dream began.  Children everywhere were in danger of misplacing their imaginations, there was not a moment to lose…. He searched the globe to find toys that don’t have the dreaded on/off switch (you know the type, on goes the screen, off goes the imagination).  The When I Was A Kid ‘toy box’ just keeps filling with fabulous toys, waiting to be loved.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t live near Cambridge or Wellingborough, they have and excellent online store too. I love the ‘Present finder’. No messing about clicking through many pages; just click in age, gender and price rage and you’ve got what you’re looking for!

Are you looking for magic this Christmas? Then Cambridge is certainly the place head off to. We have many fantastic independent shops, where you can find unique presents for those special people in your life.

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