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The Sexiest Wine Shop In Town

I’m sure you must have raised your eyebrows when you read the heading of this blog. Well Cambridge Vinopolis is rather sexy as it is the first shop in Cambridge, which offers wine on tap. I wouldn’t claim it is the first one in the UK as in some places like at Loki Wine in Birmingham, you can tap your own vintage. This is a unique system, which is popular in many countries around the world.

Cambridge Vinopolis isn’t just pretty hot with their wines, they sell Rococo chocolates too. A definite must with some of Nick’s wines.

vinopolis-wine-on-tapSo who is the foodie behind Rococo? In 1983, a young woman dared to follow her dream: to share with others her love for chocolate. Determined to change the way fine chocolate was perceived and presented, Chantal Coady transformed the stuffy, conservative, commercial norm of chocolate retailing to the inspiring engagement of the senses that such a delectable delight deserved, and through it, has spread the beauty and joy of chocolate far and wide – starting with London! One of our early customers was Joanne Harris, and it’s even been said that Chantal was an inspiration for her book ‘Chocolat!’

Let’s crack the bottle, what is so hot about it? Quite simply, you either bring your own container, bottle or use one of their bottles and tap away. The wines are easy drinking wines, quite light so brilliant for a summers evening, party or a just as a ‘clogger’ for during the week.

Looking for something extraordinary. Nick sells those too. The tap wines are just a part of his assortment. He stocks some nice fine wines, however only European ones.


vinopolis wine shopWho is the face behind Cambridge Vinopolis? Nicholas Hall used to be a wine broker in the city, but was fed up with the rat race and wanted to get away from it all and ‘landed’ in Cambridge. One small note. He spend quite a few years in Languedoc enjoying the life and sampling many fine wines. This is where he met his friend of Baeten Vinopolis. This company came up with the concept of wine of tap, which has become very popular in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The Languedoc was a big inspiration for his logo too. I will not spill the beans, but pop in and ask him the meaning behind it. Intriguing indeed!

Any food? When I popped in last Saturday, he had lovely olives for his clients to nibble on. I’m not sure if they are always there though, but you can have a pop up restaurant with friends here too. Of course you have to bring your own food, but Nick will pop the corks!

Where? On the corner of Devonshire Road, just next door from Devonshire Arms.

Opening times – Seven days per week from 11.30 to 8pm on Mondays to Thursday and  11.30 to 9pm on Friday’s and Saturdays and on Sundays from 12pm to 6pm. He has applied for extended opening hours.

Why is it sexy? It is not only the fist wine on tap in town, but the shop he has chosen has a pretty steamy past too!

Fancy filling up your own bottle? Then head off to wine on tap at Cambridge Vinopolis.


Gerla de Boer

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